Voice by Enreach is an intelligent telephone and voice cloud service. It offers a modern communication platform for companies’ intelligent and controlled customer interactions both on a personal and workgroup levels; enabling telephone services in a consistent way without a need for separate isolated applications, solutions and devices.

Voice by Enreach is a company-wide solution providing a holistic view and a control panel for the whole communication. This ensures that every voice connection of the organization is recognized, including every endpoint such as mobile subscriptions, soft phones, hard phones and unified communication connections as well as smartphone apps. Voice calls to and from these endpoints are recorded into the data lake and provided for further analysis. At the same time data privacy, security and access controls are managed with various measures.

Consumption model is based on user specific monthly subscriptions. There are different options available for different end user roles. At the one end there are enterprise communication users, at the other end there are customer service agent roles. The subscription modeling is based on personas in order to ensure that each subscription is aligned with the needs of a specific user group.

Voice by Enreach is designed to fit companies of all sizes and is of high value for companies that give priority to excellent customer communications and service.

The total solution is designed to support and complete Contact Center and Omnichannel type multichannel customer service. The service quality can be followed by monitoring and reporting tools. The system administrators can utilize service management applications to configure the system. Services can be integrated into selected third-party systems, which are needed in customer service work.

Full utilization of services requires that the existing phone numbers are transferred to Enreach operator services. The transferred numbers can be mobile numbers, fixed-line numbers, service numbers, etc. The operator services enable using existing numbers as a part of the solution. In addition, Enreach offers personal numbers and service numbers globally. The telephony services can be utilized also with external numbers and phone terminals.

Voice by Enreach main services:

  • Call Center and switchboard system operating in fixed-line and mobile networks

  • Call service pools and personal queues

  • Mobile subscriptions in different operators’ networks in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark

  • Callback-service and call list

  • Contact Center, multichannel customer service solution / Omnichannel with Salesforce or Dynamics 365

  • Multi-terminal support including mobile phones

  • Multi-numbering, the users can have several numbers for their needs like work/private

  • Availability management: personal and devices

  • Multi-operator and SIP-trunk support

  • Intelligent and skill-based call routing

  • IVR services

  • Microsoft Teams integrated call service solution

  • Salesforce integrated calls, call history, and record management (Salesforce CTI)

  • Microsoft Dynamics integrated calls, call history and record management (Dynamics CTI)

  • Business Intelligence (BI) reporting, monitoring, insights and analytics

  • Service usage and service level reporting

  • Service order and management portal

  • Web services (API) to integrate with the external applications and systems