Voice for Dynamics 365 by Enreach

Voice for Dynamics 365 embeds company telephony services and Call center with Microsoft Dynamics 365, removing complex boundaries between isolated environments. The solution improves customer experience and workforce efficiency by having all customer data and customer service tools in one place. The solution is seamlessly integrated into the Dynamics Channel Integrations frameworks (CIF) and workflows by bringing in voice calls, callback handling, and call queue management accompanied by full operator infrastructure for mobile and fixed-line subscriptions and traffic. When Dynamics 365 Omnichannel is used the agents can use the same UI for all digital channels such as chats, social, and emails as for the voice channel.

The Voice solution provides a softphone embedded to Dynamics 365 User Interface. The softphone contains the same functionality as a standalone Voice for Browser by Enreach

CIF version 1.0 (single-session Dynamics 365 model-driven apps, Communication panel on the right side)


CIF version 2.0 (Omnichannel for Customer Service, Customer Service Workspace, Communication panel on the left side)


Channel Integration Framework version 1.0 and 2.0

Other functionality

  • Screen pop-up, showing the info about the calling customer. The contact card is opened if only one contact match is found and the selection page with multiple matched contacts/accounts/leads/activities. When a call is ended -> a new Phone call activity is automatically created and can be saved or canceled.

  • All inbound and outbound calls with optional call recording from all devices can be automatically stored as Phone call activities in Dynamics 365. For example, if the users have Enreach mobile subscription and the user calls to a customer using mobile, the call can be automatically registered to Dynamics 365 customer data in the background without user intervention.

  • Click-to-Dial functionality in phone number fields in Dynamics 365 forms.

  • Handling of the callback cases in Dynamics 365. When a callback case is registered in some Voice for Dynamics 365 service pool the callback is stored as a Phone call activity to Dynamics 365. The activity can be also automatically linked to customer data if the called customer is identified based on the phone number.


Documents and instructions for v1.1