Directory AzureAD / AD Synchronization

Directory Synchronization is used to automatically update directory contacts from the on-premises Active Directory( AD) server or Azure Active Directory (AzureAD).

AD integration requires DAP/LDAPS connectivity to the customer’s AD Domain Controllers.​ The connection has to be implemented over a VPN tunnel or a dedicated data connection. ​

AzureAD integration automatically synchronizes and updates information from AD to Enreach directory, information is updated only for users, who are already created as Enreach users. ​

WebServices and Webhooks

WebServices (API) can be used by developers to integrate services with external applications. Commonly integrations cases are dealing with the call handling cases like getting the data of who called and answered when the call was made, what was the duration of the call etc. The coverage of the (REST) API is comprehensive as also Enreach client solutions are implemented by using the very same interface. The full developer reference and description can be found here >>

In certain integration cases, can be also used Webhooks to get event-based notifications instead of polling the info using API, for example when a service pool call is answered.


Provides direct data access or data file transfer capability to customers who want to utilize their own Data Warehouse and/or Business Intelligence for further analysis instead of Voice Analytics User interface. Requires a small project with a workshop with the customer’s business and IT personnel to discuss and define the proper methods, data security, and privacy issues.