Voice Data by Enreach

Voice Data enables Enreach customers to utilize call related data sets in their own solutions.

Typical use cases for utilizing Voice Data

  • Customized views, KPIs and business logic for billing or employee compensation

  • Customized eMail reports for team performance management

  • Data integrations to 3rd party solutions, e.g. customer survey solutions.


Voice Data in brief


Summary of currently available data sets

All data sets available as 5min batch and daily batch.

  • Service calls

    • Each individual service call as unique row, with basic metrics

  • Direct calls

    • Each individual direct call as unique row, with basic metrics

  • Combined service and direct calls

    • Combination of service and direct calls, as unique rows, with extended metrics

  • Call details

    • All events related to each call as unique row, e.g. call allocated, call answered.

  • Call clasifications

    • Clasification information attached to the calls from Desk

  • Callback information

    • Call back related call information


Data description and integration details



Release notes and roadmap



Licensing and pricing

Voice Data is licensed with a simple call volume based monthly fee, covering

  • All data sets

    • 5min batches

    • Daily batches

For pricing details, please contact your men account representative or sales.fi@enreach.com