Voice Monitor by Enreach

Voice Monitor is a real-time monitoring product designed especially for call center operations and for customers with need to understand currently ongoing call and user activities. It utilizes call, service pool and user status information to offer real-time visibility for call center managers, team leaders and other roles requiring full picture of what is happening now.

Voice Monitor integrates with all Enreach Voice products, including

  • Voice for Salesforce

  • Voice for Dynamics 365

  • Voice for Windows, Teams & Mobile

Voice Monitor by Enreach


Summary of currently available features

Service pool status monitoring

  • How many agents are active / serving currently in a certain queue?

  • How many agents are free / on call in a certain queue?

  • How many callers are currently waiting in the queue

  • What is the longest waiting time per queue


User status monitoring and filtering

  • What is the current availability status of the user?

  • How long the user has been in the latest state?

  • Is the user currently in a call and in which service pool?

  • Is the user currently in a direct call?


Callback monitoring and filtering

  • How many callback requests are currently open, total and per callback list?

  • How many agents are active in different callback lists?



  • Limiting the user status view based on certain users, teams, departments, locations.

  • Limiting the user service pool status views based on service pool name, group or location.

  • Limiting the call back list view with call back list name


Detailed user guide



Release notes and roadmap



Licensing and pricing

Voice Monitor is licensed for the whole customer organisation with a simple, call volume based monthly fee.

For pricing details, please contact your men account representative or sales.fi@enreach.com