Voice for Salesforce by Enreach

Voice for Salesforce embeds company telephony services and call center functionality to Salesforce, removing complex boundaries between isolated environments. Voice for Salesforce delivers Open CTI integration with a wide range of Contact Center and Contact Management functionalities. The solution improves customer experience and workforce efficiency by having all customer data and customer service tools in one place. The solution is seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce Omni-Channel framework by bringing in voice calls, callback handling, and call queue management accompanied by full operator infrastructure for mobile and fixed-line subscriptions and traffic. Salesforce Omni-Channel agents can use the same UI for digital channels such as chats, social, and emails as for the voice channel.

The solution contains smart call routing, using customer data to optimally route calls and possible IVR avoidance, and integrated reporting and dashboards further improve the customer experience and provide all information you need from within the Salesforce UI.

Workflows for incoming calls are configurable per agent and can include customer-specific details. E.g. if the cases should be automatically created or start with a contact dialog to choose either new or ongoing cases. Customer can create their own detailed views and search criteria. To increase efficiency with outbound calls, Click-to-Call is possible from all phone number fields.

Call and queue details are saved in Salesforce allowing for integrated reporting and dashboards to contain all relevant information including the details about calls and queues.

Call Recording can be activated for Enreach fixed-line and mobile subscriptions. Call recordings can easily be accessed through a link in call activity records. Call Recording can be paused and resumed by the agent.

The Voice for Salesforce solution provides a softphone embedded to Salesforce. The softphone contains the same functionality as a standalone Voice for Browser



The solution page in Salesforce AppExchange can be found here

Documents and instructions for v1.48

Voice for Salesforce - Use Cases and Functionality v1.49

Voice for Salesforce - Configuration guide v1.49

Voice for Salesforce - Smart Routing configuration v1.49

Voice for Salesforce - Käyttötapaukset ja Toiminnallisuudet v1.49


Release Notes

Release notes can be found here.

Granting Account Login Access for Enreach Support

On occasions, we might ask for login access so we can diagnose what has happened with your particular setup.

Steps to grant account login access:

  1. Click on the right top user icon and select Settings



2. Go to My Personal Information > Grant Account Login Access

3. On Benemen Support / Enreach Support choose Access Duration for example “1 Week” and Save.