Service management (Portal by Enreach)


The services and products are managed, ordered, and provisioned in browser-based application called Portal by Enreach.

Services and products are assigned to the end customers by using predefined user role-based packages. In addition to products in the template, the individual users can be assigned additional optional products if needed.

Operator products are added to user packages based on their individual needs.


Billing is a Portal -integrated full-featured billing solution that is independent of the carrier operators billing solutions. The service is aggregating billing data from multiple international phone operator sources to customer-based invoices. Billing is also able to allocate billing to desired cost centers supporting billing based on actual consumption.

Billing period is one month and the customer pays the services and operator costs according to the usage. Billing supports e-invoices and paper invoices.

The invoice data is made according to the telephone operator’s standards and regulations. Detailed invoice information will be given in an attachment, which includes at least the following:

  • Domestic calls – minutes/package

  • Calls to business numbers - minutes

  • Calls to service numbers/per number – minutes

  • Value Added Services (VAS), like train tickets, etc. – minutes

  • Mobile data – MB/package

  • SMS – pcs.

  • Multimedia messages – pcs.

  • Roaming data per country – MB/package

  • Roaming calls per country – minutes

  • Roaming SMS per country – pcs.

  • Roaming multimedia messages – pcs.

  • Roaming Value Added Service calls

  • International calls per country