SpeechInsight by Enreach

SpeechInsight is a product concept currently available only for piloting purposes. It enables the analysis and monitoring of automatically transcribed call content for selected service pools. Typical use cases for SpeechInsight:

  • Agent training and optimized resource planning

    • Tracking and understanding of popular topics and keywords within conversations

  • Improving the customer CX

    • Understanding the correlation between conversation content and sentiment

  • Improving sales performance

    • Understanding the correlation between conversation content and outcome of the call

SpeechInsight by Enreach


Summary of features available in SpeechInsight product concept

  • Historical analysis for automatically transcribed call content

    • Daily call transcriptions for selected service pools

    • Analysis of conversations and conversation abstracts

    • Filtering of calls by call content

      • Keywords

      • n-Grams

    • Filtering of calls by caller and receiver sentiment

      • Positive

      • Neutral

      • Negative

    • Filtering of calls by service pool

    • Filtering of call by waiting time

      • Short

      • Medium

      • Long

    • Keyword trends by

      • Time

      • Service pool

      • User / agent

    • Sentiment trends by

      • Time

      • Service pool

      • User / agent


Licensing and pricing

For pilot project pricing, please contact your Benemen account representative or sales@benemen.com for details.

SpeechInsight concept will be embedded as part of Voice Analytics, Voice Monitor and Voice Data -products in the coming releases as “Conversations” -module.

Voice Analytics roadmap


Voice Monitor roadmap


Voice Data roadmap